Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I failed to get up in time to go outside before work again this morning. I want to blame it on the fact that I got in bed late last night, but in reality I think it is because I didn't have a plan for what to work on this morning. I really seem to struggle with motivation when I don't have a plan.

Even though I didn't get up, Andrea did go out and work on weeding the strawberries. She was able to get half of them weeded, so should be able to finish them up the next time she works on it. We need to add more mulch to the strawberry beds, but  need to decide what to do with the runners first.

This evening after dinner I mowed over at the garden with the pull-behind mower. There is a lot of brush and small logs that I need to move in order to make it easier to mow. I also need to take the weedeater over the first chance I get and mow the area we plan to till so we can plant a cover crop.

I'm going to the office tomorrow, so it will probably be an off day as far as getting anything productive done around here goes.

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