Thursday, July 5, 2012

Electrical Outage

We had some severe storms move through this area earlier today. The rain was very welcome, as it has been so dry recently. We did, however, have both electrical and phone outages, presumably due to the strong winds.

The electricity went out around 3:30 PM, so I was still working. Past experience told me that it would likely be out for a few hours, so I went ahead and called my boss to let him know that I would be taking the remainder of the day off.

I was worried that it would be too hot to stay inside without the air conditioner, but since it was still storming, going outside was not really an option. Fortunately, the temperature had dropped to 70 degrees, which was surprising since it had been over 100 degrees only a few hours earlier. By opening a few windows, we were able to make the temperature inside bearable.

I spent a couple of hours sitting on my bed, reading. It was very relaxing. I was positioned between two windows, which created a nice cross-breeze. Even though it was storming outside, there was plenty of light to read by, allowing me to do so without the aid of any artificial light, which is not something I often do.

The electricity was only out for around 4 hours. The short time without electricity, though, made me want to schedule some electricity-free time in the future. At this point I'm not sure how this will be implemented. I may do something as simple as make my room electricity-free, so that Andrea isn't forced to do the same. Another option may be to do my electricity-free time when Andrea isn't home, allowing me to make the entire house electricity-free for some period. Of course I'll do a post about my experience with electricity-free time, once I figure out how I'm going to do it.

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