Wednesday, August 1, 2012


As anticipated, I didn't accomplish a whole lot today. I slept in just a bit, since I was going to the office in London today. After work I took the recycling to the recycling center. While it might seem inconvenient to have to take recycling to the center, rather than leave it for curbside pickup, I feel fortunate to have such a great recycling facility that is literally on my route to the office. I have never seen another recycling center accept such a wide variety of items. In addition to the normal cardboard, paper, metal cans, and plastic bottles they also accept other plastics (1-7), used motor oil, computer monitors, any type of metal (old fencing, etc) and likely a few other things I've forgotten about. Of course any trip to the recycling center makes me think about the amount of recycling that we have, and also about the items that we throw into the trash. I may do a post about that topic tomorrow, in fact.

You may have noticed that yesterday I made 4 separate posts, including the daily update. It seemed that I had recently had several days where I posted only the daily update, so I wanted to make up for that a bit. My understanding is that one of the difficulties with keeping a blog going for any amount of time is coming up with new material to write about. So far that doesn't seem like it will be a problem for me, as I continue to think of ideas more quickly than I can write about them. I'm sure that may change eventually, but for the time being, I should have no shortage of ideas to write about.

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