Saturday, July 28, 2012


Today didn't turn out to be as productive as I had hoped, but I still accomplished several small tasks. It must have rained nearly all night last night, because it was very wet out this morning. I didn't even try to go out until after the sun had had a chance to burn off some of the moisture. After Andrea left for her workshop, I drove to town to fill up my gas cans and grab some breakfast.

When I got back home I hauled a few loads of tree branches to the burn pile. Some of what I hauled had previously been hidden by weeds, until I cut them this past week. There was the top of a small pine tree that had broken out several months ago and had just been laying on the hill behind the house. I finally hooked a chain to it and drug it to the burn pile. I also picked up several limbs that were laying in the grass next to the highway, and added those to the pile of stuff to burn. Around 11:00 my dad showed up, so I took a break and talked with him for a while.

After lunch we went out and finished cutting the plywood for Andrea's bookshelf project, which we had originally began a few weeks ago when the battery for the saw died. That was one of those jobs that had just been hanging out there, so its good to get it taken care of. Now Andrea just need to paint the pieces to match the shelves and we can finish the project up. We also drilled some drain holes in the bottoms of the long-handled tool carrier I had installed on the RTV a couple weeks ago.

It was quite hot today in the direct sun, so after we finished cutting the plywood we took a ride on the RTV, ending up at a nice cool spot down by the creek. We sat down there for probably an hour just talking, and letting the dogs explore. I assume that Luke goes there by himself, but he always seems excited when I go and let him explore, like its some place new.

When we came back up to the house I went to the herb garden to pick a few peppers and herbs to send home to my Mom. I ended up sending her 2 bulbs of garlic (a Russian Giant and a Red Toch), a couple Super Cayenne Peppers a couple Serrano Peppers, a big bunch of basil, some Rosemary, Thyme, and Oregano. It seems kind of strange to be sending them stuff from our garden, especially since my parents use to be the one with the garden and it was assumed I'd never grow one myself. Hopefully we'll continue to expand the garden and can share more of the bounty with them over the new several years.

Andrea came home from her workshop with a very nice looking basket. I was very impressed with how it turned out, especially considering it was her first attempt. The basket that she made looks like a perfect basket for harvesting herbs and small vegetables. I suspect that she'll be making a few more, now that she has learned to do it. My Dad said that everyone would probably be getting a basket for Christmas this year. He was joking, but I wouldn't be surprised to see at least a few people get them.

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