Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Today turned out very differently that I had expected. We may have a new canine member of the family. I hadn't seen Luke all morning, so went looking for him at lunchtime. It isn't normal for him to be out at midday when its hot, so I was worried that something might be wrong. I rode down the road about a mile, past the houses where some of his friends live, but didn't see him. So I rode up the road about a mile. On my way back towards the house, he came to meet me. There was a small dog with him that I had never seen. Luke followed me back home, but the other dog couldn't keep up. Just as I was going in the house, I heard the other dog whining, so decided to go check on it. By that time, Luke had gone to meet it and brought it towards the house. Instead of coming up the driveway, though, they crossed the road and headed towards the creek. I assume Luke was taking it to get a drink and cool off.

I went in the house, but then in about 10 minutes I heard the other dog whining again. I went out, and it and Luke were headed out of the yard. Since I normally run other dogs off, Luke tends to just lead them out of the yard as soon as I go out. I called him and they both came up on the porch. It was obvious that the small dog was still a puppy. He was very scared. Andrea came out and we tried to calm him for a bit. She fed him some Puppy Chow that we had bought when Luke was a puppy, and he quickly ate it. He was clearly very hungry. He also had some ticks that had obviously been there for a while.

After dinner we went checked with a couple of the neighbors to see if they were missing a dog, or knew someone who is. The general consensus seems to be that someone probably dropped him off to get rid of him. We're going to feed him and let him decide if he wants to stick around or not. If he does stick around, and no one comes looking for him, we'll take him to the vet to get his shots and get him neutered if he's old enough. Luke seems fond of him, and since he brought him home, we figure that Luke would enjoy having him around as a playmate.

Other than dealing with the puppy, I didn't accomplish a whole lot. I went out after getting back from the neighbors' house to work on the weedeater. I first planned to adjust the handle, since I figured it wasn't exactly in the spot I like. I hadn't remembered, though, that the shaft is marked for where the handle goes, and that is where I always used it before. So it did not need any adjusting. I also planned to install the clip for my shoulder strap, but had forgotten that it requires removing the head so the clip can be slid down the shaft. I didn't want to get into that big of a project, so just left it off for now. I'll see how much harder mowing is without it, and then decide how quickly I need to install it.

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