Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Today was a bit more productive than yesterday. We got up early and went over to the garden to do a few things. We harvested some potatoes (2 of the 3 varieties) since the plants were all dead. The yield was disappointing, but not a surprise since the plants were dead and one of the varieties had not been in the ground long enough to reach maturity. I'll be writing a more complete post on our potato adventure later, after we've harvested the remaining variety.

While we were at the garden I also was able to harvest one bulb of garlic. The timing was good, since I had just finished off a previous, store bought bulb the previous day. I was excited to start harvesting this variety, as it is a type I have never tried before and the plants are very healthy looking. I plan to write a complete post on garlic once I finish harvesting, which will probably happen later this week or early next week.

Since it was hot out I stayed inside most of the day, where it was cool. Andrea worked on insulated window coverings for my bedroom/office, which we were able to hang. I'll probably do a post about the insulated window coverings sometime later as well. Even though the bulk of the day was spent inside relaxing, it still turned out to be productive. 

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