Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I didn't accomplish a whole lot today, but I did get outside for a hour or so this evening. A couple of weeks ago I cut some small trees and piled up some brush across the road. I've been working on moving the brush, and that is what I worked on today.

I'm moving the debris to two different locations, depending on what it is. The small branches are being moved to a pile near the trailer where the wood chipper is set up. Once I get a large pile, I'll fire up the chipper and work through the pile. The larger branches and logs and being moved to my pile of stuff to burn, which is over by the garden. I had originally intended to just burn this stuff to get rid of it, but lately I've been considering the possibilities of bio-char, which is probably something I'll blog about later.

While I was over at the garden I checked on the potatoes. To my surprise, all of the plants are dead. When I last checked on them, a couple of days ago, they weren't looking good, but I thought they would make it. I'll be writing an article on what I've learned from this first attempt at growing potatoes.

On a bright note, though, Andrea picked a few peppers, Super Cayenne specifically, from our herb garden this evening. It was good timing, since I had just finished off the previous one at dinner when I mixed it with some Alfredo sauce, which I tossed with some spaghetti. I've only recently started eating peppers, and its great to have a ready supply of fresh peppers available.

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