Sunday, July 22, 2012


This morning was a perfect morning to get outside and work. Unfortunately, though, I was still tired from yesterday and decided to sleep in instead. I spent most of the day inside, since it was rather warm. I did, however, type of my notes from the Field to Fork Festival, and also started typing up some of my older notes from past workshops.

After dinner Andrea and I went out and worked on the herb garden. We had let the weeds get badly out of hand, so I worked on cutting/pulling some of those. I ended up with the RTV bed almost completely filled with weeds to compost. While I was doing there, she worked on thinning out some of the herbs and harvesting some peppers. We ended up with a nice harvest, and still have plenty more to be harvested later. Today's harvest consisted of a very large amount of basil, some tarragon, spearmint, orange mint, 2 fist-sized bell peppers, 6 habanero peppers, 12 cayenne, and 13 serrano. Looks like we'll be making another big batch of pesto, and likely drying some peppers as well.

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