Monday, April 20, 2015


Since my last update there has been a lot going on. We have started selling at the farmers market in Richmond, which has been keeping us busy. After four weeks at market we have pretty much figure out the changes we want to make and things we want to add, so it is calming down a bit.

We started out selling homemades soaps, baskets, and bags at the market. A couple of weeks ago I dehydrated some garlic and started selling that. There seems to be enough interest to justify doing some more. We are hoping to have a few plant starts available this weekend.

I don't think that we'll have a lot of produce to market this year, but we do hope to have a bit extra that we can sell. We also plan to make some value added products later in the year such as jams/jellies, breads, etc.

It is an exciting time here at the farm. We have a lot of work to do, both on the business side of things and on the farm itself. This years garden is our most ambitious yet. We still plan to get chickens before the year is over as well. We also have a couple of structures to build before the year is over. For the business we need to get an online store up. The Richmond market will start being 2 days a week next month, plus we plan to add another market in June and do a couple of scattered events. It should be an interesting year.