Saturday, July 14, 2012


Even though today was a rainy day, I got quite a bit accomplished. I started the day by finishing up the work around the air conditioner. I put down landscape fabric between the a/c and trailer and around the blocks it sits on. I put down cardboard around and in front of the unit, then covered it all with straw. The hope is that this keeps the weeds down until we're ready to add some manure to the straw to prepare the area for planting next spring.

After finishing that I came in for a break and some breakfast. The weather forecast was calling for rain starting around 2:00 PM, so I went out around 11:30 to mow the grass before it started raining. There were a couple brief periods of showers while I was mowing, but I managed to finish the area in front of the trailer, down to the road, which is what I had hoped for.

While I was in for lunch it started raining quite a bit, so I didn't try to go back out. I helped Andrea work on a project instead. We have a foot stool in the living room which storage inside. She was making a tray that would fit inside, just below the top so we could keep things like remotes, etc there. I cut some strips for her and helped get them mounted. It was a small project, but was something that had been planned for some time.

Late this evening we decided to go out and try to groom Luke. He has really long hair in spots, which tend to get matted or collect burrs. We tried using clippers on him, but the noise freaks him out. We finally resorted to scissors, with me trying to keep him occupied while Andrea cut his hair. We ended up with a couple large handfuls of hair. Hopefully it'll help prevent tangles and mats.

While we were out with Luke we decided to put out some bird feeders. We had been planning it for several weeks, but kept forgetting. We had one up for a while, but the shepherd's hook it was on got bent. We had bought new, better quality, ones, but hadn't put them out yet. We put two hooks into the group: one single and one double. On the double one we hung a suet feeder and tube feeder. On the single hook we hung a wooden feeder shaped like a log cabin. We have another nice one somewhere, but couldn't find it. I think its probably still packed in a box from the move. There are still a couple of boxes in the shed we never unpacked.

I also looked through the new books today, and chose one to start reading. So far it seems informative, and I'm optimistic that I'll learn quite a bit from it. I'll do a review once I finish.

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