Friday, July 13, 2012


Today is the day I've been dreading; the day I have basically nothing productive to report. In fact, you may notice that this post is going up a day late, which indicates just how unproductive I really was on Thursday.

I woke up a bit later than normal, but still early enough to go out and spend an hour or so working on a project. Unfortunately I managed to talk myself out of doing that. I think that this was certainly a situation where having a definite plan ahead of time would have helped. I really tend to do much better when I have something specific I know I need to work on.

It was raining a bit by the time I got off of work. Andrea suggested that since it was raining we might should go back to Berea. When I had picked the weedeater up on Tuesday, we realized it was missing the clip that my shoulder strap attaches to. The mechanic was gone for the day, and the guy I talked to couldn't find it. I called Wednesdsay to verify they had found it, so we went to go pick it up yesterday. Andrea also needed to run by the grocery store there, to return some glass milk bottles and pick up a few items.

By the time we got back home it was close to dark. We watched some TV, and I ended up falling asleep on the couch. I got up long enough to make it to the bedroom and slept the rest of the night. I'm not sure why I've been so tired lately. My only guess is that maybe its related to the food I've been eating and the lack of physical activity. We've been eating out a lot more than normal the past couple of weeks, and I've not been very active. It is periods like this where, in the past, I've let myself get unmotivated, and things go undone. I need to make sure I don't let that happen this time. Hopefully this blog will help keep that from happening.

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