Sunday, July 29, 2012


Today was a good day. I knew I was going to mow grass today, so didn't go out early because I knew it would be too wet to mow. Andrea and I had breakfast together, then after breakfast I went out and mowed the front yard. I used the 4-wheeler and pull-behind mower to mow most of the yard, then switched to the RTV to finish up the steeper section. I always like to use the 4-wheeler in the yard as much as I can because its significantly shorter and so is easier to maneuver.

While I was mowing, Andrea painted the plywood my Dad and I cut yesterday for her bookshelf project. We hoped to install them this evening, but they required several coats of paint, so aren't quite dry yet. We should be able to install them tomorrow evening.

After lunch I decided to take a nap. I really should do that more often, because in the summer I tend to get up early and then work until late in the evenings which causes me to stay up later than I normally would. I also find that being out in the heat tires me out, even when I'm just riding around the yard on the 4-wheeler, which one might not think wouldn be hard work.

After my nap I went back out and started mowing across the road. My initial plan was to just do a basic mowing, just covering the areas I had previously mowed. I ended up getting side-tracked a bit, though, and started trying to clear some areas I had not mowed before. I managed to make quite a bit of progress in one area, but that was unfortunately cut short when I got stuck. There is a spring in that area, and the ground tends to stay wet around it. Even thought it was muddy, it was going ok until I pushed my luck and ended up stuck. After unhooking the mower, I still couldn't get free, so had to use the winch to pull myself free. I came on back to the house after getting unstuck. Before going in for dinner I decided to get out the push mower and mow a few small areas that are too much trouble to use the big mower for. 

While I was mowing this evening Andrea was working in the herb garden. While picking the peppers and herbs for my parents yesterday I saw one of the peppers plants had fallen over. It had 5 big bell peppers on it, but they weren't ripe yet. I temporarily staked it, until Andrea could tie it up. She also harvested a bunch more basil, as well as several of the other pepper varieties. She's working the basil up right now, so she can make some pesto tonight. I think I'm going to have her add some cayenne peppers to the batch tonight.

The weather is suppose to be nice tonight and tomorrow morning. I should sleep well, with my window open, and can then get up early tomorrow and maybe mow some weeds. 

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