Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Introducing the What If....? Series

Sometimes I like to force myself to think about things differently, especially things that are so commonplace that they are taken for granted. One of my ways of looking at something I use often is to think about how my life might be different without that given item, resource, or service. I have decided to turn that thought exercise into a series of blog posts.

The What If....? series of posts will focus on how my life might be different if I had to do without something that most of us take for granted. Each post will focus on a different item, resource, or service. Will I find that there are some things that I could easily do without today? Or will I find that there are some things I would never be willing to give up? Maybe I'll find the inspiration to reduce my use of certain things, even if I do not give them up entirely. I expect to discover these answers as I write the posts. I hope that readers will follow along, and consider how their own lives might be impacted without access to the topic being covered.

I already have quite a list of topics to cover in the What If....? series, but would love to hear suggestions from readers. If you have an idea for a topic to be covered in the series, please leave a comment here or on the Facebook page.


  1. What if there was no cell phones. It would be great.

    1. Now that is an interesting twist. I was thinking mostly about things it would be hard to do without, but there are a lot of things, such as cell phones, that it isn't hard to envision how not having them could make things better.