Thursday, April 25, 2013


Today while checking on the garden we received a couple of surprises. First, Andrea saw that several of our strawberry plants are blooming, which is exciting since this will be our first year being able to harvest fresh strawberries. Later, while checking on the main garden, we saw that some of our onions have sprouted. I wasn't too confident that the onions would survive, after being planted late, and then covered in water so soon after. I'm certainly more optimistic now.

After checking out the garden this evening I used the RTV to move some of the leaves and debris I had previously raked up with the tractor. I'm just piling them up by the compost pile, so they can be used either as mulch for the garden, or incorporated into the compost as needed. I now have a nice sized pile, which is roughly four feet high, and a bit wider than that. I believe the stuff will make good mulch, which means less straw that we have to buy.

While I was working on hauling leaves Andrea was hunting for and taking pictures of flowers around the property. She has decided to keep a flower log, so that we know what flowers we have growing wild. I think its a great idea, and its something I would have liked to have done, but could never quite get started. We have several flowers in bloom right now, most notably red trillium.

A frost advisory is in effect for tomorrow morning, so we decided to play it safe and cover the strawberries. We covered them with some old sheets, held down by rocks along the edges. Its certainly nothing fancy, but as long as it keeps the blooms from being killed by frost, then that is all that matters.

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