Sunday, April 7, 2013


Today was another productive day, although I did sleep in a bit. I was already planning to plant the potatoes, but decided to make it a top priority when I saw that the forecast was calling for a chance of rain for this evening. I didn't want to risk the planting being delayed by the rain. Plus, I figure that its better to take advantage of the rain, rather than having to water the newly planted potatoes by hand.

Before planting I counted the potatoes for my record keeping. I quickly realized that I didn't have enough area prepped for them all. I began by planting the four rows that I had prepared. Next I placed an old plastic compost bin and added some dirt to it for a potato tower experiment. After that there was still enough left to do another row, so I connected the middle buster to the tractor and plowed an additional row. It will be interesting to see how this row, with no compost, does compared to the others. The last row was, however, in the section of the garden planted in cover crops, so hopefully that will help out a bit.

I planted three different varieties of potatoes: Yukon Gold, Kennebec (white), and Pontiac (red). These are the same varieties as last year, but hopefully we'll have better results this year. I planted approximately 22 lbs, and am hoping to at least get 100 lbs, although should, realistically, get even better yields.

Andrea has been working on plant markers for the potatoes. She is doing more of the recycled CD plant markers, but with a couple of alterations that will, hopefully, provide even better results.

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