Tuesday, April 9, 2013


As I've mentioned before, I have been trying to do tasks requiring the truck on the days I have it in London. My plan for this week was to get several bales of straw.

Yesterday I called several locations to check prices. When I called the farm supply store in town, the price I was quoted was $3.50 per bale, or at least that is what I thought I was told. I was shocked, as the next cheapest was $4.72, so I repeated the price back to them, and it was verified. I decided to use my lunch break to run into town and get a load, in case the price didn't stay that low for long. When I got there, and asked, I was told that the price was $6.50 per bale. I don't know if I simply misheard, and the person likewise misheard me when I repeated it, or if I was giving the wrong price. Either way, I came home empty handed.

I left work early today to run by the farm supply in London that had quoted me the price of $4.72 per bale. When they rung me up, however, the total was more than I expected. When I questioned them, I was told the price was $6.75 per bale, and that it was hay that was $4.72 per bale. Apparently the person on the phone was either confused, or was so use to pricing hay that they gave me that price for the straw. I decided not to buy anything, since it was more there than from the local place.

I decided to go ahead and try the place that gave me the second lowest price in London, of $5.18 per bale. Turns out this quote was accurate, so I bought twelve bales. I had been trying to determine the best way to stack the bales in the bed of my compact truck. I had decided that 4 bales on the bottom, then as many as 8 on top of that would work. I could have added another 6 or even 8 bales on top of that if I had wanted, but figured 12 was enough. Once loaded I ran ratchet straps across the top, from one corner of the bed to the other, and tightened everything down. I had no problems hauling the 12 bales, so feel confident in adding another layer the next time if we need more.

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