Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today was an interesting day. We had storms overnight, with several inches of rain. The rain continued throughout the morning, resulting in some flash flooding. At around 10:30 AM I went out to see how things were looking. The garden was flooded, but I couldn't get over there to see how bad it was. I was able to get across the road, but didn't get far before the water was too deep to continue.

After lunch I tried it again, and had somewhat better luck. The water had receded enough across the road that I was able to explore most of that area. There were a couple of areas where the water was still so deep that it was over the floor of the RTV, but I was able to get through ok. I still wasn't able to drive to the garden, but found a spot that I could wade through thigh deep water to get there. The potatoes and garlic were covered by two to three inches of water, and the recently planted onions had six inches or more of water standing over them. I was able to determine the points of entry of the water, which means that, hopefully, I'll be able to do some work to reduce the likelihood of the garden flooding in the future. There isn't much I can do across the road however, but that's ok since we knew that was a flood plain when we bought the property and that we would not be able to use it for very much.

After work I took Andrea out to show her the water. In most places the water levels had dropped quite a bit, although the creek was still high and flowing fast. I still wasn't able to drive to the garden, or, at least, I wasn't willing to risk driving through the creek to get there. It was much to wet to try to accomplish much else this evening, so I just took the opportunity to relax.

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