Sunday, April 14, 2013


Unlike yesterday, I feel like today was a very productive day. I got a bit of a late start, because I slept in, but still accomplished quite a bit.

I started the day by taking the tractor over to the garden area and doing a few tasks. I moved a couple smaller piles of logs and combined then into one larger pile, which I pushed to the edge of the woods, where they were less in the way. I also began filling in the hold I had dug for what I thought was going to be my hugelkultur bed. I've since decided to find a better location for it, though.

After lunch I took a load of weeds to the compost that Andrea had piled up when she was pulling weeds from the herb garden. While I had the RTV over there I picked up some loose branches that were in the way of mowing, and added them to the brush pile. There were also a few small trees in the way, so I got out the brush grubber and pulled those up and threw them on the brush pile as well.

While trying to decide what to work on next, Andrea came out and suggested that we sift some more top soil for a couple of projects. We took the first load over to the garden, where I applied some of it to the potato tower, because I had only been able to cover the potatoes in there with a very shallow layer. While I was doing that Andrea cleared a small area for making a bed for planting the onions. I dumped the remaining topsoil there, and raked it into a bed, that was a few inches deep. We planted 26 white onions. Hopefully they'll do okay, even though we should have planted them much earlier in the year. After planting the onions we sifted more soil, which Andrea used for planting a few trees that she hadn't been able to plant yesterday.

Next we decided to take down the fence that was surrounding a portion of the herb garden. Having this done will make placing the rocks for the stepping stones much easier.

Even though there was still an hour or so until dark, I decided I was ready to get some rest after putting away the materials from the old fence. Even though I didn't work on any one task for a long time, I was able to get several tasks accomplished, which was good.

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