Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I have posted in a few days, mostly because I've been busy with work and haven't really done much around here. On Monday I did install a new door knob on the front door, which was just one of those jobs that had been needing to be done for quite some time. That evening I hooked the tractor to my new landscape rake and tried it out. It worked pretty well for raking up the debris left by the high water last week. It didn't do quite as well with grass clippings, but I suspect that with more practice I can improve on that.

I worked in the office on Tuesday, and  Andrea had her cake decorating class. After her class we drove an hour to surprise our nephews with cakes for their upcoming birthday. We visited with them for a bit, putting us not getting back home until bedtime.

Today it rained, so I didn't even try to get outside. I was busy with work all day anyway, so only took a short lunch. I also worked a bit late, to try to finish up the first draft of some documentation that is due this week. After work Andrea helped me finish cleaning my bedroom, which I had started doing on Monday. Having a clean and organized work space helps my mood, so getting it straightened back up was very welcome. We also hung a few pictures, one was a Return of the Jedi movie poster, and the other was a print of original artwork I bought from an artist I met at a convention last year.

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