Sunday, April 21, 2013


This weekend wasn't nearly as productive as I had hoped, but we did accomplish a few things. The weather was fantastic, with temperatures in the 60s. Maybe we've gotten past the unseasonably warm temperatures, at least for a while.

On Saturday we worked more on the herb garden. We placed several more rocks for the walkways/stepping stones, which is fairly time consuming work. Andrea then began work on redoing the rock border around the edge, while I mowed the yard.

Today I mowed across the road. The recent rain had caused some of the grass over there to grow very quickly, so it was past time to be mowed. While I was over there, I spent some time with the mower hooked to the front of the RTV, mowing along the edge of a stream that flows into the creek. It is fed by a spring, on our property, that causes the area around it to stay wet most of the time. My hope is that I can clear some of the vegetation from within the stream, and allow the water to drain away from the spring more quickly, so that it doesn't seep into the surrounding soil so much.

After mowing I raked up some debris in the garden that was left by the high waters. Its a nice mixture of leaves and dried weeds, which should make a good mulch. I started a pile by the compost, and used a bit to cover the compost pile. There is a lot of this debris across the road, and some more by the garden, which should give us a decent source of free mulch if I can get it all raked.

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