Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It has been several days since my last daily update, so I wanted to catch up.

On Friday I spent some time moving a pile of rock that is in the way of me being able to get the tractor to the part of our property that is across the road. I initially piled them there on purpose, because I thought I should fill in a bit to make a better road to get over there. I've realized, though, that the rocks are more in the way right now than they are helping.

On Saturday we spent the day in Somerset. Most of the day was spent at the Kentucky Green Living Fair, as I've previously written about. Afterwards we went out to eat with friends, which gave us a chance to catch up.

It rained Saturday night and Sunday morning. Even though it stopped raining up in the day on Sunday it was too wet to do a whole lot outside. Of course I could have found something to do, but I was content to spend the day inside relaxing.

After writing about the lack of progress on my to-do list for the year I decided to spend Monday evening working on one of the tasks. I worked on clearing along the edge of the yard. I managed to clear about half of what was left, so can hopefully finish in another day. I did run into some more of the old fencing, so pull it out and loaded into the truck to take to the recycling center. I also loaded up a large piece of the fencing that had been in the edge of the woods and I had just never gotten around to disposing of.

Today I worked in the office in London. After work I dropped by the recycling center to drop off the old fencing. Then I met Andrea for dinner, before going to our Gardening 101 class. Afterwards I went to the home improvement store to pick up some guttering for installing on the front porch and shed, but unfortunately they had only white, which will not match the brown on the rest of the house. I'll have to check one of the other stores in town to see if anyone carries the brown.

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