Monday, April 1, 2013

Blog Milestone - Best Month Yet

I haven't posted a blog milestone since December 22nd, when the blog received its 3000th visitor, so I thought it was time to do an update. Since that time the total number of visits has nearly tripled, to 8,196. Traffic had been going up every month through December, but then dropped off for a couple of months. I'm happy to report that traffic was back up in March, and surpassed the total number of visitors for the previous best month, December 2012. The total number of visitors in March 2013 was 1,683, compared to the 1,634 visitors the blog received in December 2012.

I always like to highlight the most popular post written since the last milestone update. For this period, the most popular post has been 75 Ways to Live More Sustainably in 2013, which is my response to an article posted by Sustainable Kentucky. There were a few other posts that had close to the traffic as this one, but I suppose its fitting this one came out on top since the Kentucky Green Living Fair, also by Sustainable Kentucky, was this past weekend.

Of course these milestones are only possible because of the readers of the blog, so I want to say thank you to everyone who visits. Whether you come here daily, weekly, or this is your first time, I appreciate your taking the time to read and hope that you find something here to make it worthwhile.

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