Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Today after work I finished clearing along the edge of the yard. I also pulled up a few small trees and an old fence post. There are three trees that still need to be cut, then I just need to do a bit of work with the tractor before we'll be ready to plant some bushes.

While I was doing that, Andrea worked on a potting mix. Several of the plants she has started from seed will need transplanted soon, so she wanted to have the potting mix ready. She made it from equal parts compost, perlite, and coir.

I was also able to harvest some green garlic today, because I found that I had accidentally planted two cloves to close. I used it in my chicken and rice at dinner, and it was very tasty. Having fresh garlic this early in the year makes me want to plant some next year specifically for this purpose. It seems somewhat wasteful, though, since waiting for the garlic to mature would allow go much farther.

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