Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The problem, at least for me, with not doing an update daily is that once I get out of the habit its easy to forget to do the update even on days when I have something to say. That is what happened yesterday, which is why I'm writing the update this morning instead of last night like I should have.

I didn't do a lot yesterday, but did accomplish a couple of small tasks after work. The first thing I did was work on the compost pile again. I needed to incorporate the wastes from the peaches that Andrea canned, and didn't want them near the top. There are still enough loose leaves in the pile that I was able to dump the peach waste on top, then work leaves from the sides onto the top of that. I'll need to check on it in a day or two, but I think that it is sufficiently covered at this point. I had been worried about the large number of leaves that had been added recently, but after adding the peels from 40 lbs of bananas, the shucks and cobs from 13 ears of corn, the waste from 20 lbs of tomatoes, and the waste from  a basket of peaches I suspect that the pile isn't quite so out of balance now.

After finishing with the compost I hauled a load of old branches over to the burn pile. These branches were pieces that I had discard instead of chipping for various reasons. They had been piled up for more than a year, so I've been slowly starting to move them. Right now they are in the way of getting the big mower out past the compost bin, and I want to try mowing some of that area with it. So far I've just used the push mower for that, because there is nowhere to turn out there. I want to experiment with hooking the mower to the front hitch and pushing it, so I can back it more easily into previously uncleared areas, and thought that would be a good place to start.

After unloading the branches I remembered that a couple of branches had fallen near the garden that were interfering with my mowing over there. I went ahead and added those to the burn pile while I was over there.

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