Friday, August 10, 2012


Today wasn't all that productive, but it wasn't entirely unproductive either. When I woke up at 4:00 AM it was raining, so when my alarm went off at 6:00 I didn't even try to get up. I knew it would be too wet to do much outside this morning. I didn't go out at lunch either, because Andrea wasn't home so I was responsible for making my own lunch today.

While Andrea was out today the radio in the car stopped working. She was pretty sure it was a blown fuse, because it happened while she was trying to charge her cell phone with a car charger. So after work I looked into that. It was a fairly quick fix to replace the fuse with a spare, and that did solve the problem. While I was at it, I cleaned out the car a bit. I'm going to be driving for a few hours alone tomorrow, and I like to roll the windows down when I do that. It always makes me nervous to have stuff in the car that could be blown out the window, so I cleaned it out so I wouldn't have to worry it.

After dinner we went out and took some measurements of the current herb garden in front of the trailer, as well as the future addition we plan to make. Right now we're only using a 10'x9' section for the herbs and peppers, with another 10'x9' section planted in assorted flowers. For next year we plan to have a 40'x9' section available (with a bit of unusable space due to the central air unit) as well as a 16' long section in front of the porch that is deep enough for a single row of sunflowers or other tall plants. Andrea has already started planning what she is going to plant, since there is going to be a lot of available space. We do not plan to plant an vegetables there, just herbs and flowers. The peppers will be moved to the actual garden, as will most of the basil.

We plan to plant sunflowers in front of the porch. I'm particularly interested in some of the giant varieties, due to their height and size of flowers which should provide some nice shade to the porch and front of the trailer. We're also talking about boxing in one end of the porch with something that can be used as a trellis for some climbing vines. The primary reason for boxing this in is that, assuming we fence in the main part of the herb/flower garden, over to the edge of the porch, we worry that Jack will simply jump off of the porch into the fenced in area. By boxing in the end of the porch we can keep him out, and also experiment with some climbing vines. Of course we may find that my Spring he's calmed down enough that it isn't necessary to keep him fenced out. We had almost decided to take the fence down, as we trusted Luke not to bother the plants, but then Jack showed up and we knew we had to keep it at least for now.

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