Monday, August 13, 2012

Participation in the Amazon Affiliates Program

When I began this blog, my reasons for doing so did not include generating income. This has not changed. However, I have decided to begin participating in the Amazon Affiliates Program. The way this works is that now, when I link to products on Amazon, the link includes my affiliate id. If someone makes a purchase after following one of my links, my account is credited with a small percentage of the sale amount.

This will change nothing for readers. If you click on a link, you'll be taken to the same page as before. If you decide to buy an item, I'll get a small reference bonus, but the transaction will be the same for you as before. My participation in this program will not influence the things I choose to talk about, and will not change the way I review items that I link to. Above all else, my goal with this blog is to provide information to others, and to, hopefully, help to inspire those interested in making a lifestyle change. Giving an item a positive review in hopes that it results in a reader buying the item via my affiliate link would not be serving my purpose, and would put at risk any trust that readers have in the opinions I offer.

Why then, you may ask, did I sign up for the Amazon Affiliates Program? The answer is actually very simple. I did so, in hopes that it might allow me to improve the blog. I do not expect to make very much, if any, income from the program. However, any income that I do make, will be used to purchase books or other products that can be reviewed for the blog.

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