Sunday, August 26, 2012


I'm a couple of days late with some of the daily updates, but I suppose that late is better than never. I had not initially planned to do an update for Friday, but I've since decided that happened to give Friday its own update, rather than combining with Saturday which was quite eventful.

On Friday I did a few small tasks in preparation for our trip to Lexington on Saturday for grocery shopping. Andrea had already been preparing for a few days. At lunch time I sprayed out the bed of the truck. The combination of manure and straw took a while to get sprayed out. I pulled the truck onto the hillside near the shed, so that the water would easily run out of the bed. I learned one important lesson. I should have sprayed the truck out when it only had manure in it. That would have been much easier than the manure and straw combination. Had the bed been clean when I hauled the straw, I could have swept the straw out easily enough.

After dinner I cleaned the cab of the truck out. We tend to accumulate plastic bottles and a bit of trash, which I wanted to get cleaned out before our trip to Lexington. That was a fairly quick job. After that I loaded the coolers into the bed of the truck, and put some stuff in the cab, such as Andrea's reusable shopping bags and some fabric she was planning to return.

Before going to bed we worked on prepping some Food Saver bags. Andrea uses them for storing both the chicken and corn that she freezes, so we cut the roll into lengths and sealed one side. We made 40-50 bags, so she wouldn't have to stop once she was putting food away to make more.

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