Sunday, August 5, 2012


Today was definitely a day for staying inside. It rained pretty much all day. I really didn't accomplish much, but did take care of one small project. A piece of the paneling in the living room has been cracked for months, and I finally got around to working on it. The nails had pulled through when the trailer was moved, so I had to drive those on in to get the paneling to sit against the stud. Once I did that, it was just a matter of putting in a few new nails to hold it in place. It didn't take long, but was one of those projects that had just been hanging out there for quite some time. Andrea worked on some organizing today, and I helped her a bit with that as well.

While grilling dinner this evening I was thinking about the stereotype of men doing the grilling. If I'm available I usually am the one who does the grilling, although Andrea prepares everything inside and I just put it on the grill, turn it from time to time, and then take it off when its ready. The primary reason that I'm the one who does the grilling is that I like being outside more than she does. I can take a book out and sit there for 30 minutes or an hour and be perfectly content.

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