Thursday, August 16, 2012


Yesterday was my day to go to the office, so I didn't accomplish much else. I did take the recycling to the recycling center, but that was about it for yesterday. After dinner I decided to weigh the potatoes we had harvested the day before. This variety did much better than the others, which is a disappointment since we basically broke even. We planted 5 lbs of seed potatoes, and harvested approximately 5 lbs. I'll go into more detail when I do my detailed post later. Also, I remembered something that I had forgotten to mention in the previous daily update. When I was mowing weeds on Tuesday morning near the blackberries and raspberries I realized why the blackberries aren't doing as well as the raspberries. Neither Andrea nor myself remember thinking about this at the time, but we planted the berries directly under a black walnut tree. As I mentioned recently when adding black walnut leaves to the compost, there are many plants for which the juglone produced by black walnuts is toxic. Turns out, based on my limited research, that raspberries may not be bothered by it, but blackberries definitely are. We haven't yet decided what we're going to do, but that needs to go on a list of things to be addressed.

I slept in this morning, but did go out at lunch for a little while. I finished cleaning up the debris from the limb that had broken out of the black walnut tree last week. The grass is needing mowed, so I wanted to get that project out of the way so it wasn't in the way of my mowing. Of course I ended up not mowing today, but at least the yard is ready for when I decide to.

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