Saturday, August 4, 2012


It rained this morning, so I didn't even try to go out and do anything. We mostly just relaxed until after lunch. After lunch we decided to try to fix the office chair with the broken wheel. Andrea had the idea of removing one from the old chair in her room, but it unfortunately didn't fit. We ended up deciding to go to Berea to see if we could find one at the Re-Store. We found one we think might work, that only cost $0.50. I've yet to try it, but if it does work I'll be very happy with fixing it so cheaply.

After the Re-Store we made a few more stops, both in Berea and Richmond. It was nearly dark when we got home. We noticed immediately that Jack wasn't home. Luke was here, but Jack was nowhere to be found, which is strange. We took the RTV out looking for him, and found him at the neighbor's house. That's the 2nd time that we've found him there. Apparently what happened is that he and Luke were over there, and when Luke went home, Jack stayed there. Our guess is that he didn't know how to get back home, because he was clearly happy to see Luke when we got him back home.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more productive. The forecast calls for rain most of the day, though, so maybe we'll have to find some inside projects to work on.

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