Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today at lunch Andrea and I drove out to town to pick up some straw from the local farm supply store. Their price was higher than some of the stores in London, but since I only needed a few bales I didn't think it was wort driving the truck to London to get them. While there we asked about the many pallets they have stacked around the store. They sale the pallets for $1 each, which is apparently the amount they have in them. I bought 3 bales of straw and 10 pallets.

After work today we went out and mulched the newly expanded herb bed with straw. We managed to completely cover the manure we had spread with about a bale and a half of straw. Since we had some left, we decided to mulch the strawberries. Andrea weeded them, and I mulched them with the straw. I was able to finish one of the strawberry beds with what was left from the bale we were using on. I had a partial bale up by the shed, so used it for the remaining bed. It was partially decomposed since it had been out in the weather for months, so it should be interesting to compare how the fresh versus partially decayed straw work as mulch.

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