Sunday, July 28, 2013


I didn't really accomplish anything on Saturday. It rained overnight, and looked rainy when I got up. We had talked about going out for the day, if it was raining, so that is what we decided to do. We hadn't done anything for our recent anniversary because the weather was nice and we chose to spend the time working on things around here instead. We took Saturday has an opportunity to have a meal out, and get a bit of shopping done.

Today was a very different story. I spent the entire day on the tractor, trying to get the spot for the future shed ready. It is starting to look good, although it currently has a slight grade to it. I think I'm ready to mark it out, so I can start digging post holes, though. I came in a bit earlier than normal today, because I was worn out. I know that it doesn't seem like riding around on a tractor all day would be hard work, but it can  be.

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