Friday, July 12, 2013


Today while browsing Facebook I found out, via a post by Rock Bottom Stables and Soap, that the 32nd Annual Berea Craft Festival is going on this weekend. Due to other plans this weekend, today was our best chance to go. It was only open until 6:00, so I took off from a work a bit early so we could check it out.

We were back home in time for me to get some work done in the garden. I had noticed some of the corn was leaning, so I decided I needed to give it more support. I pulled away all of the straw mulch, and then used a hoe to pile up some soil around each plant. While the mulch was gone I went ahead and fertilized each plant with some urine. I then mulched with grass clippings, rather than reusing the straw, because I wanted to provide extra nitrogen.

Some of the straw that I removed from the corn, and that I had previously removed from the garlic, was then used in the herb garden. Andrea has been mulching it primarily with shredded paper, but there is one large area, where the mint use to be, that she wanted mulched heavily, so I applied a thick layer of straw there.

Before finishing up for the day I decided to finish harvesting the Inchelium Red garlic that we had started a few days before. Removing the mulch really helped the soil to dry out. I didn't plant a lot of this particular variety, but I might have to change that next year. A couple of the bulbs were the biggest I've grown, which, admittedly, isn't that impressive of a feat.

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