Monday, July 15, 2013


I overslept a bit this morning, but still managed to convince myself to get outside for an hour or so before work. I collected the remaining straw that I had removed from the garlic, as well as that from the two rows of potatoes that we recently harvested. I added this to the straw I already had piled up near the compost.

During lunch I hooked up the lawn sweeper and collected the grass clippings from the section of the yard I mowed on Saturday. I can certainly tell a difference in the quantity of clippings collected on the section mowed with the big mower as opposed to the push mower, but the big mower is so much easier that I'd never considering using the push mower just to generate more clippings.

After work I got the mower out again and got caught up on mowing around the garden. The mower worked well, so I'm hopeful that we have the problem solved. After finishing up the mowing I hauled the grass clippings collected earlier and added them to my pile of other clippings.

We spent an hour, after dinner, in the dark, trying to locate all of the kittens. They have been sleeping under the car, and in the engine compartment, which is not good. Knowing that I needed the car tomorrow, I wanted to get them all out, and then move the car so they would be less likely to go back to it. Mari was already out, and we found Tiger and Lilly on top of the engine, so they were easy to relocate to the porch. We never did find Rosa, so after verifying that if she was still in there, she wasn't near the belts or fan, I went ahead and moved the car. Hopefully she is just out on an adventure and will show up tomorrow.

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