Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Today was one of those rare days when I start a project and complete it in the same day. It seems that at times I'm lucky to complete a project period, much less on the day I started it.

I went out before work this morning and worked in the garden. The area where the garlic and first two rows of potatoes, that have been harvested, were grown needed to be cleaned up. I started by pulling weeds, and loaded them into the RTV to be taken to the compost pile. I ended up with a full load of weeds, from that relatively small area. Next I raked the area, which, in addition to smoothing out the soil, resulted in the collection of a lot of loose straw that I had missed when I had removed the mulch originally.

After work Andrea helped me in the garden by planting buckwheat in the area I had cleared earlier in the day. While she did that I loaded the straw I had collected and added to my straw pile. It took longer to haul the straw that I expected, so once Andrea finished spreading the seed she used the rake to lightly cover them.

There was actually a light drizzle of rain when we went out, which continued the entire time we were working. When we finished with the buckwheat, neither of us was eager to go looking for another project to do in the rain, so we decided to call it a day.

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