Monday, July 8, 2013


Today was another productive day. I think I'm getting spoiled :-)

At lunch I picked up and hauled off some rocks that I collected while mowing the grass over the weekend. It was good to mow with the push mower, because I found several rocks that I had overlooked when mowing with the big mower.

After work Andrea went out with me to work on the new lawn sweeper. I was certain that I had assembled it incorrectly because it wasn't wanting to roll forward. Turns out, however, that it was working just fine. It seems that the problem I was experiencing only happens when it isn't sitting level, as it would when connected to a tow vehicle. She helped me put together the bag assembly, and then I tried it out. It worked very well, and I now have two large piles of grass clippings ready to use as mulch or on the compost.

Before finishing up for the day I rode down to the neighbor's house to talk to him about the plot of land he has for sales that adjoins our tract. Unfortunately someone else has already expressed a strong interest in it, but if that falls through I told him to let me know. We are mostly interested in just to keep someone new from moving into the house that is there, but would also likely use the land for a small orchard or tree farm. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we have an opportunity to purchase it.

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