Saturday, February 2, 2013


We had another round of ice move through the area Friday morning, which couldn't have come at a worse time for us. Andrea was scheduled for a minor out-patient surgery on Friday morning. We needed to be at the hospital, which is 40 miles away, by 7:00 AM. With the forecast calling for ice and snow we were afraid to wait until then, so we decided to get a hotel near the hospital for Thursday night.

Since Andrea couldn't eat anything after midnight, I got up early Friday morning and went out for breakfast while she was still sleeping. The car was iced over and the parking lot was very slick. Fortunately, though, a thin layer of snow covered the ice, which provided some traction. I made it to the nearby Waffle House without incident, and had an enjoyable breakfast. As I was leaving, however, I turned a corner in the parking lot and my feet slipped out from under me on the ice. I fell straight back, and hit the ground hard. Luckily I didn't hit my head, but I suspect I bruised my tailbone pretty good.

Andrea was up when I got back to the hotel, so we loaded the car and headed to the hospital. Her surgery went smoothly, and quickly. They called her back to pre-op at 7:00. I sat with her until 8:20, when they took her to the operating room. The surgeon came out to talk to me at 8:55 to let me know that everything we well. At 9:40 they let me go back and see her, and we were able to leave the hospital by 11:00.

She has some soreness, but is doing well. She's trying to take things easy, so has some projects lined up that she can do seated. I suspect that she'll be back on her feet in a few days. I'm having quite a bit of pain at times from my fall, but I don't think I did any real damage. I suspect, or at least hope, that within a few days the pain will subside. Mostly it hurts when I get up or sit down. I can find a comfortable position to sit or lay, and yesterday it wasn't really hurting when I was walking, although it is this morning.

The forecast is calling for more snow for the weekend. Between the weather, helping Andrea with her recovery, and my injury, I doubt that I'll be doing anything productive outside. I need to run to the grocery store this morning, but otherwise will likely focus on things I can do indoors, and seated if possible, like reading.

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