Sunday, February 17, 2013


I was determined to get outside and work on something today. Since I had all day to work I decided to get the tractor out. Initially my plan was to use the tractor to finish moving the brush pile that is located where the chicken coop will eventually go. While working on that I decided to go ahead and use the tractor to clear out a bunch of briars in the area.

On one side of that area are several logs. They were on the property when we bought it, and when the dozing work was done they were all piled up. Andrea and I looked at the spot together, and decided that it would be helpful to have at least some of them moved. I was able to use the tractor to push them down the hill, and pile them on top of one another, so the take up much less space now. They will still have to be moved again, but at least now we have the space available for the chicken coop and run. I still need to move some stuff by hand that I couldn't load with the tractor. After that I just need to do some leveling, and then should be able to start work on the coop. I would love to get it built by the end of March, but I'm not  very confident that will happen.

In hindsight, sitting on the tractor for a few hours was definitely not the best idea. At first it didn't seem like it was causing very much pain, but by the time I finished I was very stiff and sore. By the time I finished I was hurting more than I have in several days. I've used the heating pad much of the evening, and am feeling better.

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