Thursday, February 14, 2013


I suppose I should at least acknowledge the fact that today is Valentine's Day. Andrea and I do not celebrate the holiday, however, so to us it is just like any other day, aside from reading on Facebook about the consumerism that our friends participate in to celebrate.

Today was a good day. I'm starting to feel better following my fall. I was able to actually sit at my desk all day today, for the first time in two weeks. It felt nice to have a full day of being productive.

Since I was feeling better I decided to go outside for a bit after work. I had recently ordered new wheel brackets for the roto-tiller, to replace the ones that bent when I tilled the garden for planting the cover crops. The new brackets came in a few days ago, and yesterday I picked up some hardware for installing them. Specifically, I bought a heavy bolt, lock washer, and nut to hold the two brackets together, below where the old ones bent. My hope is that by bolting them together I can prevent them from bending. I was able to get the brackets bolted together and mounted on the tiller with the wheels. It wasn't a big job, but it was nice to be back outside for a few minutes being productive.

The other thing of note that happened today is that Andrea proved me wrong, and managed to get the harness on Kitty. She has several scratches and bite marks to show for doing it, but she got it on her. Kitty was not impressed. I don't think I've seen her looking that pathetic since the time she went into heat before we had her fixed. I managed to get her to walk through the kitchen to me, but she was clearly not liking walking in the harness. It was hard not to laugh at her, as she would go from standing, to suddenly falling over onto her side, then rolling over. I think she was trying to wiggle out of the harness. After falling over like this two or three times, Andrea finally decided she had her answer regarding Kitty's willingness to wear the harness, and took it off of her, and earned a few more scratches in the process. Looks like Kitty will be riding to the vet in her carrier when she goes next, rather than wearing the harness.

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