Sunday, February 24, 2013


I was able to spend a bit of time outside working today. I spent a couple of hours hauling rock, for the herb garden expansion we have planned. The plan calls for something like thirty-five 2'x2' stepping stones. Our goal is to use large, flat, rocks for those. I knew of a large pile of rocks, which I assume were left by the loggers prior to us buying the land. I had always planned to sort through the pile, but wanted to do so during the winter, when there would be no danger of snakes. I was able to get a couple of good loads of nice flat rocks from the pile yesterday, which should go a long way towards providing enough to do the herb garden. We can probably go back and collect some thicker rocks as well that will work for the edges.

This was the most work I had done since falling on the ice earlier in the month. By the time I finished I was certainly ready to rest. The fact that I spent yesterday walking around at the auction all day may have contributed to my tiring so quickly as well. Hopefully I can put in a few hours of work here and there, and gradually build my endurance back up by the time Spring gets here.

This evening, while we were watching tv and relaxing, Andrea had me help her with a quilting project that she's working on. It was mostly busy work, but I was glad to help, especially since I knew it would save her a lot of time. She had me cutting apart some quilt pieces and also counting some of the pieces for her, so she'd know how many more she needed to cut.

The other thing that happened today is that Jack came home with an injury. He hadn't been home for several days, which is pretty common for him. I think he has somewhere else that he stays part of the time. I saw he was home earlier in the day, so went out on the porch to see him. I noticed he was limping, so checked him out and found a place on his leg. I'm guessing he was either bitten, or perhaps has been in a fight. We'll take him to the vet tomorrow so they can check him out. I'm guessing they'll give us some anti-biotics for him, but hopefully they can us something to ease his pain as well.

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