Thursday, February 14, 2013

Our Farm Name

Some time ago we decided that we needed to give our place a name. Actually, Andrea had been trying to convince me of that for a long time, but it was only recently that I began to see the need. As we begin to plan for some potential money-making ventures, specifically her crafting business, we decided it was time to decide on an identity we could use for marketing.

We spent countless hours trying to come up with a name. Eventually we had several possibilities, which we narrowed down to a top 10 list. I then presented those 10 options to a group of friends, who provided feedback that helped us to narrow it down even more. Finally, I presented a couple of options to the community at Earthineer, where I received even more feedback.

One of the options that we seriously considered, and that I was especially fond of, was Stray Dog Farm. I liked this idea because Jack came here as a stray, as did Kitty. There was a concern, however, that the name could result in people deciding that our farm would be a good place to drop off stray dogs. That is already a problem along the rode on which we live, and we worried that a sign reading "Stray Dog Farm", might make our place especially attractive as a drop off point. Of course we'd want to care for any strays that showed up here, and I can see us easily becoming overrun by stray dogs.

The name that we decided to go with is Calico Farms. Kitty was the inspiration for the name, as she is a dilute calico. The name also has a quilting connotation, at least for some people, which will fit in nicely with Andrea's crafting business.

Now that we have decided on a name we went ahead and registered a domain name. I'll be setting up email accounts, and a landing page over the next several days. There won't be much info on the site for some time, but I'll share the address once we have something out there. I have no plans to move the blog, but can't rule out the possibility in the future.

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