Saturday, February 16, 2013


Good Foods Market is currently having its quarterly Owner Discount  Days, so we spent the day shopping. We like to work it out so that we can make several other stops on the same day as the trip to Good Foods.

Our first stop was the Marksbury Farm store near Lancaster. We hoped to get lunch there, but unfortunately they weren't serving anything we were interested in today. I was really look forward to one of their incredible beer cheese burgers. Instead I picked up a chocolate croissant and orange cream soda as a snack. Andrea bought a couple of packs of Caught Wild salmon. I had never heard of the company before, but they have an interesting story. Caught Wild is a married couple from Stanford KY who travel to Alaska to fish for salmon, which they bring back to Kentucky and sell to local businesses. 

Our next stop was Pike Valley Farm, which is quickly becoming our go to place for ground beef and chicken breast. Unfortunately they did not have any chicken breast in stock today, but we were able to pick some up at Good Foods, since they carry Pike Valley products. We were also given a large bag of beef bones for the dogs, which I'm sure they will very much enjoy.

After a quick lunch we headed on in towards Lexington. Since it was on the way we stopped by the Lexington Container Company to see what they had that we might need. The only thing we bought were a couple of 5 gallon buckets with gamma seal lids. They had a good deal on wooden crates, but we couldn't think of any practical use for them. Since we were driving the car we wouldn't have been able to haul one, anyway.

Next we went to the ReStore to look for some materials for upcoming projects. The only thing we bought was one piece of PVC for the PVC Pepper Cages. We would have bought more, but the price was more than before, making it much cheaper to just buy the small diameter pieces new.

The next stop was next door at the Good Foods Market, to do our grocery shopping. We stocked up on a lot of items, like we always do during Owner Discount Days. This included a 40lb case of bananas, a 25lb bag of rice, 10lbs of Pike Valley Farm chicken breast, and much more.

Since we were in Lexington we made a couple stops so Andrea could look for fabric, both for a quilting class she is attending soon, and also for Calico Farms Crafts, the side business she's working on getting up and running.

By the time we got home I was getting pretty sore from sitting so much. The drive from Lexington back home was the longest I had sat in the car without stopping to walk around since my fall. I'm glad that its at least a few weeks before we have another long drive planned.

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