Thursday, February 28, 2013


For anyone who missed my last daily update, this post may not make much sense. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted the previous daily update. To summarize, Jack's injuries are more severe than we initially thought, and so we've had to keep him contained to keep him from hurting himself worse.

Earlier today Andrea ran to town to pick up a bale of straw. The area around where we have Jack contained, including the area in front of the steps, had gotten very muddy from the increased traffic in the area. I spread a thick layer of straw over the entire area, which seems to have helped a lot. Not only will it prevent us from tracking mud into the house, but will also keep track from getting his bedding so dirty from muddy paws.

We also had a visitor from a stray cat this evening. It is the second time it has been here, although I didn't get to see it the first time because I was already in bed. Andrea heard it meowing on the back porch, so she went out to check on it. We gave it food and water, and then she made it a bed from a box and piece of fleece. Kitty is not happy about another cat being here. We aren't sure if she's most concerned that it might come into the house, or that it is getting some of our attention, but it's clear that she doesn't like it. It the cat starts coming around more often, or decides to stay here permanently, it will definitely have to remain outside. There is no way that Kitty is going to tolerate having it come into the house. That is ok, though, because we need a good cat outside to help keep the population of mice in check.

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