Saturday, February 9, 2013


Since we decided not to attend the Southeastern Kentucky Beekeeping School event today, we made other plans. I've tried a couple of times to meet someone who wanted to buy some of my photography gear. I was able to make plans to meet him again today, in Berea, which worked out well. I now have some extra space in the closet, and some extra cash in my pocket.

While in Berea we stopped by the ReStore, where I bought a length of PVC pipe which I plan to use in the construction of the worm composting bin. We also dropped by Happy Meadows Natural Food to pick up some milk. I wish there was a closer source for getting the milk that we prefer, but at least we can pick it up whenever we visit Berea or Lexington.

Since we were in Berea we decided to drive on into Richmond so Andrea could by some crafting supplies. We also dropped by the pet store, which was full of dogs today. They had several dozen dogs there for adoption. We managed to make it out of the store without adopting one, but it wasn't easy. Andrea did buy a harness for Kitty, which she thinks she may tolerate better when visiting the vet than she does the pet taxi. I'm not convinced, but it was well worth the $3.50 we spent on it to see her try to put it on Kitty. She hasn't succeeded yet, and I'll be impressed if she ever manages to get it on her. I told her it was a fool's errand.

Andrea was pretty tired by the time we got back home. The trip today was her longest since the surgery, and she was more active than she has been before. She did well, but clearly still needs to build up her strength a bit more before going back to business as usual. I'm still feeling the effects of my fall, and sitting for the ride home was quite uncomfortable. We've spent the evening resting and watching episodes of Antiques Roadshow.

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