Friday, October 5, 2012


I love the weather this time of year. I think the month of October is probably my favorite month. I'm hoping to get out more and enjoy the weather. I did get out for a bit today. After work I mowed the grass. I still need to do some trim work, but I finished the bulk of it. This should be the last time I have to mow it this year, although I'll still need to mow over by the garden and across the road. I also went back outside once it was dark out and treated the entrances to the yellow jacket nests with the insecticide I bought. Hopefully within a day or two I'll know the results.

I also ran across a couple of media sources today that I want to check out in more detail. The first is Backwoods Magazine. I'm not sure if I have just never heard of the magazine, or if I've just always confused it with Backwoods Home Magazine. Either way, I checked it out today because one of the members of Earthineer recently had an article published in the magazine. I also ran across the Permies website today, which technically I had heard of before. I didn't look around a lot, but from what I saw the site looks like something I might be interested in. I'll check it out and may do a review once I have formed an opinion of the site.

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