Tuesday, October 16, 2012


My plan of starting my workday earlier than normal, then taking an extended lunch break is working out well. The weather has been perfect in the middle of the day lately, so it has been a great time to get outside and get something accomplished.

Today at lunch I hooked to the mower and mowed the garden plot. I didn't mow the whole area, but did mow everything near where we're be planting next year's garden. While I was mowing I did discover that I was a bit premature in saying that the yellow jackets were taken care of. One of the nests was actually quite active today. I am surprised I didn't get stung yesterday, since I was on my knees with a chainsaw cutting the stump that was right next to the nest. I applied some more Pyrethrin Dust and will just have to check back in a day or two to see if the second attempt was more successful than the first.

After work I went back out and mowed some more. I finished up the portion of the yard that I wasn't able to mow the last time, and then also mowed along the edge of the driveway. After parking the mower I went back over to the garden and moved a couple of small logs I had uncovered while mowing earlier in the day.

We also tried out the Sun Oven today. Andrea had some peppers to dry, so she had me set the oven up this morning. We still have a lot to learn to get the process down, but I think that the oven is certainly capable of doing what we want.

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