Sunday, October 21, 2012


Today I finished tilling the garden. After finishing I had Andrea help me measure it. The tilled area is 30' x 47', or 1,410 square feet. I have no idea how much space we are actually going to need. Andrea plans to do a garden plan, which will hopefully give us an idea about whether I need to till a larger area or not. I also hauled a load of rocks that I had picked up while tilling. I then hauled the weeds I had piled up, and started a new compost pile where the new bin will eventually go.

Unfortunately, however, I had a few mishaps while working today. Both the drag bar and the wheel brackets ended up bent. I'm not sure if this was caused by something I was doing wrong, or if the metal is just that easily bent. My dad is coming down in a few days so I'll ask him for his opinion. I also managed to get burnt twice. The first was when trying to load the tiller into the bed of the RTV. I accidentally touched my arm to part of the tiller that was very hot. Then, while looking at the bent wheel brackets, I did the same thing, except with the other arm. The spot on my left arm is bad enough that it has blistered, but at least neither of them hurt too bad.

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