Thursday, October 11, 2012


Andrea and I attended workshops at the Laurel County Cooperative Extension Agency again today. This time we each attended a different workshop. The one I attended was Composting and Vermicomposting and Andrea went to one called Let's Make Pasta.

I didn't learn a whole lot at the composting workshop. I've attended several workshops on the topic, and have read quite a bit on the topic already. I still, however, feel that there is always the potential for picking up something new at such workshops, so I enjoy attending them when possible.

Andrea enjoyed her pasta making class. She's made homemade pasta before, but picked up a few tips from the class tonight. She also came home with a pound of fresh fettucini, which I'm looking forward to trying. I'm hoping that maybe this class was the little push we need to start transitioning to eating more homemade pasta. It will be an especially good fit next Spring once we, hopefully start producing eggs from our own chickens.

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