Friday, October 26, 2012


I'm not feeling quite as good today about putting in a hard day's work as yesterday. It is apparent that I am in no condition to do this type of work every day. That is definitely something that I need to work on. We did make some good progress, but still did not finish assembling the metal building. We only have the doors left at this point, though, which is something that Andrea and I can do some other time. We also put up a couple of overhead 2x4s in the shed, which will allow me to store some extra lumber and similar items up there. We also added a temporary 2x4 post on the front porch which we'll use for attaching plastic when we enclose the porch in plastic for the winter.

I'm tired and stiff this evening. I'm getting ready to take some pain medication for my knee, then go to bed. The weather forecast for tomorrow is calling for a chance of rain and cooler temperatures. If there is no rain, we plan to put in another half day of work, so I need to get some rest.

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