Thursday, October 25, 2012


Today was another tiring day. We got a lot done, though, so I'm pleased. We finished up the foundation and started assembling the metal building. We managed to get all four walls up and finished some prep work for the roof. We'll be able to start on the roof first thing in the morning and hopefully finish it in time to work on a couple of other projects tomorrow.

I've decided to build a ramp from the ground to the door of the building. Andrea already had a trip planned to London for a workshop at the extension agency. I asked her to run by the home improvement store while she was there and pick up the materials for the ramp. I'm hoping to at least get the ramp finished tomorrow in addition to the building.

I'm very tired and stiff, but its a good feeling. I like the way I feel after putting in a hard day's work. I know I couldn't handle doing this every day, not without getting in much better shape, at least, but I enjoy it from time to time.

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